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Kim Kardashian's Weird Night: Blackface-wearing Comic Apologizes, Fellow Vienna Ball Guest Drops N-bomb?see Kim's Reaction!

Blackfaced Guy, Kim Kardashian Chris Stephan/Facebook Kim Kardashian 's time in Vienna was awkward, to say the least. The E! star, who was joined by mom Kris Jenner , was the guest of http://www.kimkardashiansuperstar.org/watch-full-kim-kardashian-sex-tape/ Austrian businessman Richard Lugner at the Vienna Opera Ball, and during her time at the event, was greeted with multiple uncomfortable encountersbeginning with this guy (above). Comedian Chris Stephan approached Kim in blackface (sigh) and began mimicking her fiance Kanye West . Stephan caught wind that his actions were offensive, and took to his Facebook to publicly apologize. "I am very sorry that this whole situation went badly and was completely misunderstood. I am myself an Arab, born in Austria! Under no circumstance did I want to come across as racist with this action and again apologize to everyone who felt offended," he wrote. Stephan had posted a few photos from the ball, including one of himself in blackface holding up a printout photo of Kim.
Source: Kim Kardashian's Weird Night: Blackface-Wearing Comic Apologizes, Fellow Vienna Ball Guest Drops N-Bomb?See Kim's Reaction!

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